Elite Golbal Cargo

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Years 2005, Base on Dubai as a delivery hub, set transportation routing service to Bahrain, Qatar ,Kuwait, focus on GuangZhou, ShenZhen, Yiwu, Beijing, Shanghai as sending hub, we provide door to door service to middle east countries.Years 2006—2009, Approved by as forwarder agent in Dubai , Bahrain and Qatar. Build up 100 connecting destination point around global world network. We provide 15 connecting destination in China, provide city pick up for exporting, separately focus on Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Beijing, Chengdu as major sending goods airport . We provide service around mainland of China.Years 2010—2012, Elite global cargo head office in Dubai, start to put efforts on EK service selling plan, and fix stable cargo service to our door to door clients.Years 2013, We finally make it possible and to be one of strong operating company to do door to door service form mainland of China , included duty, delivery to middle east .


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Animal Feed: Animal Feed
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< $ 1,000,000